Solar Label kit Laser Engraved and cut by Etch Cetera in New Zealand

Solar kits / PV labels

Solar tags and labels can help prevent injuries and comply with NZ law and regulations. Our laser engraved tags, made from high quality acrylic, are chemical safe, waterproof, UV resistant and can last long many years. They can be customised according to your choice of formats and other specific needs.

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Traffolyte/electrical labels Christchurch NZ

Electrical traffolyte labels

Electricity is a vital part of any modern day facility, but unintentional contact can have deadly consequences. That's why it's so important for electrical safety signs to be posted wherever an electrical hazard is present. Not only does this protect people from shocks, but it also helps avoid costly damage to equipment and infrastructure.

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Traffolyte labels for electrical/solar companies

Laser Engraved and Cut sequential tags

Laser cut and engraved high quality sequential tags are ideal to mark valves, equipment, lockers, cables and a lot more. They are made right here in NZ and ship out to you fast with the help of our industrial class laser machine. Our engraving process removes the top laminated layer and reveals the core color of acrylic making it permanent and long-lasting.

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Custom traffolyte warning signs - Laser engraved

Laser engraved warning signs

Our laser engraved safety signs and labels are perfect for both external and internal applications due to the laminated smooth plastic material which is extremely durable. Company logos, symbols, specifications or instructions can be applied and unlike other processes such as printing or cut vinyl, the result is almost indestructible and depending on the material selected, is unaffected by UV light, environmental or chemical reactions.

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Custom Traffolyte Labels made in NZ

Laser Engraved Traffolyte Labels

Our traffolyte labels are made to thrive in both outdoor and indoor environment. They are laser cut and engraved rigorously into desired signage.

They are available in wide range of dual or tri-color acrylic which are also waterproof, UV resistant and chemical safe.

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