Real estate settlement branded gifts

Say Thank you to your clients for choosing to work with you with our custom made settlement gifts and giftboxes. We offer personalisation both on gift items and on the giftbox, all according to your budget.

From branded gifts to ribbons, we make sure that the gifting experience becomes unforgettable just like the service you provide. The gift itself will also become a promotional tool for you in the future in front of your clients family and friends.

Nationwide delivery is available as well as we accept bulk orders.

Get in touch with our team and let us help you to turn your vision into reality.

Harcourts corporate giftboxes

Customised Branded gift hampers

We aim to create long term real estate gifts so that your vendors/ buyers can celebrate the success with a touch of personalisation.

We understand the importance of client referrals and have designed the gifts as such so that they are simply just not eaten and forgotten.

Our real estate settlement gifts and hampers consists of useful branded items such as cheesebaords, scented candles, glassware etc. along with gourmet treats. We provide personalisation for both your clients and your brand within your budget.

Items are laser engraved for permanent branding.

Branded ribbons and gift tags can also be provided upon request.

For all enquiries, please contact here.

Engraved magnetic giftboxes

A sustainable way for businesses to put their branding and message without vinyls, stickers or printing method.

These can be designed according to your requirements with your branding. A handwritten message can also be engraved directly on the box.

Laser engraving leaves a permanent mark without any additional elements required such as box sleeve, ink etc. and makes the process less wasteful.

To know more, click here.

Branded giftbox ribbon

With branded ribbons, we can take your personalisation to next level.

Contact our team here and we will work on getting your ribbons printed according to your requirements. Our standard giftboxes comes with black ribbon.

Custom made branded giftbox tags

To add a bit of fanciness to your settlement gifts presentation, we can also create custom branded tags made from wood, mirror or dual colour acrylic. You can either choose a giftbox tag or direct engraving for branding the outside of the giftbox.

To design your very own giftbox tag, get in touch with our team with your logo here.

Large acrylic cut key for real estate agents

Promotional 3D sold key for real estate agents

A promotional 3D sold key can be used as a photo prop to mark the grand achievement. They can be customised with your logo, website, contact number as well as your choice of colour scheme.

For a quote and custom design, please contact our team here.